SELLERS:  Thank you for visiting me here!

We currently have a shortage of homes is most Residential areas, and an increase in demand of vacant land in some of our most beautiful areas.

If your home Listing has recently Expired or Cancelled, you have all the more reason to reach out.  I have a proven track record of Selling homes other agents could not.

Please let me know how I can help! 

I have been Listing and Selling residential homes (and vacant land!) here in the Greater Orlando area for 16 years. I would love to represent you in your sale, too. I can take you comfortably through the important 5 Steps to Sell Your Home:
1. Preparation of your home.  We’ll have a frank discussion about your property including the plusses and minuses. We will try to reasonably address the minuses, so that you can get top Dollar for your home. We’ll talk about what works, and what doesn’t. I’ll take what you love about your home and turn it into the heart of your marketing campaign, so that we can attract the right buyer for you! 

2. Professional photos, placed in proper order when we launch and market. My specialty is to make people fall in love with your home before they even see it in person. This takes order and a little finesse. My photos also now include drone photos. You WILL NOT be outdone by your competition!

3. Proper placement in the market = Listing at the right price. This is a fine dance. Buyers no longer visit homes they think are priced too high. As a result, an improperly priced home will sit on the market too long, and ultimately achieve a lower selling price than a proper placement would have generated. Your price won’t be unjustified. YOU’LL see exactly what’s going on in the market, and you’ll understand all the WHY’s. My aim? To get you the highest price possible, within the reason of the market. 

4. Marketing Marketing Marketing. Your Listing will grab the attention of all available outlets. No stone left unturned! No matter the price point, you will have a beautifully marketed home, one that will make you, and your new Buyer, proud.

5. We will attain the right Buyer for you at the right price. This is done through proper analysis of the Buyer’s Offer, expert negotiations, and proper vetting, so that no hiccups will arise to upset our plan of Smoothly and Seamlessly Selling your House!

A Bonus: I personally handle every aspect of your Sale, so that you are not reliant on someone with little or no experience to handle the rest of the hard work. It takes an expert hand at every facet. And I am there for it all!

You won’t be left in the dark! You’ll know what’s coming and you’ll be prepared for it! And pleasantly surprised, it is my most fervent hope! 

Please call me, won’t you? I would love to meet you and take a look at your house, and have a conversation about what you might achieve in your Sale!  407-488-8074

Short Sales

It is an unfortunate statistic that late Mortgage Payments are on the rise in FL. Given the Pandemic and loss of important Hospitality and Theme Parks jobs, and others, Florida currently has the dubious statistic of being #5 in the nation for late mortgage payments. In fact, 10.5% of Florida mortgage borrowers are currently delinquent, in foreclosure, or in forbearance.*  That equates roughly to 400,000 mortgages.  

*Black Knight,  a real estate data analytics firm.  June 2020

If you need help sorting out where you may be in a cycle of potential foreclosure, please reach out to me.  I am Short Sale Certified, and am experienced in successful Short Sales. Your best interests are always foremost in mind. 


I waste nothing on your secure and successful transaction by achieving a swift and effective Sale for you. By properly placing your home within the market and by giving you Class A marketing treatment and handling, and then expertly handling your negotiations, your Buyer will be owning your home before you know it!  Please call me to discuss my effective approach!

When Is the Right Time to Sell?

Times are changing and you’re thinking about moving the family into a new home. But before you start searching for your next dream home, you’ll need to figure out when you’re going to sell your existing home. The decision is a complex one, which takes both personal and broader economic considerations. While there’s no magic formula for determining the best time to sell a home, I have found it to be true that the best time to sell is simply when you need and want to sell. But let’s consider several factors.
Is There a Wrong Time to Sell?
In many parts of the country, selling a home in the winter is a difficult task, due to the obvious weather conditions that make sheer survival a first priority! However, here in sunny Florida, we enjoy warm winters, low rain fall, and (usually…) tons of visitors. So, despite the holidays, we are not stalled in showings by inclement conditions. In addition, with the influx of visitors from all over the world, many of whom are looking to relocate and/or purchase a second home, it should come as no surprise that our inventory moves along pretty well, yes, even in winter.

While there will be a drop in sales numbers during the months of December and January, there is also a drop in inventory, making your home all the more appealing to those looking or needing or wanting to make a purchase!

While spring is the season that sees the largest amount of buyers, it’s also the season when inventories are highest. This means lots of competition.

But I want to mention something critical here, and that is the quality of the marketing of your home, which begins long before measurements are taken and photographs are shot. Please contact me for more information.